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Congratulations to the 9,000+ full and part-time Delta Division Kroger workers who just secured wage increases, guaranteed raises, and affordable healthcare! Customers and workers came together to tell Kroger that one good job should be enough. Together, they are improving their lives, their jobs, and the company they work for. Are you ready to improve your job and get real benefits? Contact us to see how we can help.


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“Change is good and the new changes in the contract were important to me because they will help ensure the future for our workplace rights and welfare. These changes were not just good for me but also for my fellow members." – David T.
“This contract is important to me because I’m the future of the company and what the union has negotiated in the contract has benefits that will help me build a life for my future family."
– Renee P.
“The insurance is the most important part of the contract for me because it still remained cheaper than anywhere else you would work at. If work somewhere else, you could pay around $400 a month for insurance. For me, having myself and my little girl on the plan, and it not skyrocket up is a plus.” - Kevin M.

What We Won


Affordable Healthcare

Maintained affordable, comprehensive healthcare. Plans are now available to workers for as low as $7.00 a week.



Wage Increases

Received guaranteed yearly raises, as high as $2.00 an hour.  


Benefits for Part-Time Workers

Part-time workers who average 18 hours a week over a 3-month period automatically qualify for affordable healthcare plans. All part-time workers receive guaranteed wage increases.

What We Won
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